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Haiti Video - February 2011


My experience leading a BOC team in Haiti

What an awesome time and experience it was taking another Team to Haiti with Bread of Compassion May 28 – June 6, 2010. We went to the Island of La Gonave, a beautiful place with wonderful, but very needy people, forgotten in the relief efforts due mostly to logistical problems.  In two days of clinic, we saw 270 people. Eleven people were tended to who would have died within a day. Many were tended to who would have died in the near future. We were also able to help out some desperately needy people in the island’s hospital.
After returning to the mainland, we did two days of clinics in the Community Clinic at Turbe’, just outside of Croix de Bouquets. Besides caring for a couple of hundred people with all of their medical needs, we were able to help the clinic out financially. We also helped out at a local orphanage with many assorted things, including health and hygiene teaching.
Once again, the Team was excellent. Everyone worked together and went above and beyond the norm in helping and ministering to the people of Haiti. Because of that, I firmly believe that everyone involved got more back than they gave. Lives were changed forever, both here and there, and the memories for most will last a lifetime. Thank you Bread of Compassion!
God Bless,
Joe Crowley


Building Homes - July 19-28

CNN and Fox News are no longer there but we are!  Bread of Compassion is sending another humanitarian team on July 19-28 to help build homes for families who have been living under tarps since February. We need your help to enable us to shelter them before the hurricanes and rains come.

How you can help
Join our upcoming July team and help construct some simple shelters. The cost is $1,200 per person and that includes purchasing the materials for one dwelling.  Deadline is June 20th for team members.

Sponsor a home
The Haitian people do not need to live under tarps any longer.

For as little as $500,  you can sponsor a home that will house a family of 8 people. That's all it takes to purchase the materials to construct a simple house. All of the labor will be donated by BOC team members.

Donate a home today!

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